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Meet Dre’

Blends by Dre' or just Dre' picked up a pair of clippers at age 11 when his brother Jamal, who ​was his barber at the time, moved back to Brooklyn, gave him some clippers and told him he could cut his own hair. After a few mistakes were made trying to cut his own hair he caught on and a barber was born from there. Took him a while to figure out that barbering was the career path for him after playing basketball and working jobs to keep consistent money flowing. Dre' decided to finally go to barber college in 2014 at the age of 30, finished in 2016 got his license and started as a barber at Ennovy's Beauty Bar. Now Dre' is bringing a fresh breath to barbering offering online booking and an array of perks and benefits along with great haircuts and services. 

Whatever they said I did, I did that

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